Areas of Expertise

I work with children over age 8, adolescents, family, and married couples. I specialize in adolescent, marriage, and family therapy.

View a complete list of issues for which I'm qualified to explore and see therapy modalities that I incorporate into my therapy style.

My Office

My office offers a choice of unique atmospheres. We can meet in the office or the garden, and with or without animals present.

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Your First Visit

Preparing for the therapy session is easy and simple.

  • Directions to the office. (356 E. Kelso St., Tucson AZ 85705)
  • Get a feel for the office.
  • Suggestions to enhance comfort and confidence within the sessions.

As a psychotherapist for over 4 decades, I recognize the necessity to honor each client as an individual and to help that client recognize and reveal true thoughts and feelings. Feeling sad, shy, frightened, furious, or any other emotion can be expressed and healed in the individual and within the family. Timing and destiny are essential to reveal and recognize, but even more valuable is to know that one’s reaction to life events is a choice. Whether in the mind, emotions, or spirit all things are possible.

I am fluent in Spanish.

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