About Me

As a psychotherapist for over 4 decades, I recognize the necessity to honor each client as an individual and to help that client recognize and reveal true feelings and thoughts. Feeling sad, shy, frightened, furious, or any other emotion can be expressed and healed in the individual and within the family. Recognition of timing and acknowledgment of destiny are essential, but even more valuable is to know that one’s reaction to life events is a choice. Whether in the mind, emotions, or spirit, all things are possible.

I obtained a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling in 1976. I have been a National Board Certified Counselor since 1985 and a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2004. I am a Christian and can offer counseling, as well as prayer, with the client, if interested.

I co-founded Springboard shelter for runaways with Teen Challenge in 1976. I worked at that crisis shelter with over 2500 youth and families for 8 years. Then I began part-time work for 32 years as a state employee for the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC). In 1984 I began private therapy in association with a psychologist and worked in his office for 12 years. Subsequently, I established my own office adjacent to my home where I have seen individuals and families since 1996.

I focus upon deep issues to evaporate tears, heal relationships, and even teach clients how to heal physical illness. I specialize in work with individual, adolescent, marriage, and family dynamics. My intention is to untangle the confusion so the client can recognize unstable patterns and overcome obstacles to creating new decisions.

Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections Service Award
Licensed Professional Counselor Certificate
Award of Appreciation AZ Dept of Juvenile Corrections
Governor’s Award
National Certified Counselor Certificate
Crime Victim Compensation Honor Award
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