Am I Crazy?

Why would anyone want to go see a therapist? Usually people are hesitant for a whole list of reasons:

  1. I might be crazy just like my mother.
  2. Why should I go talk to a stranger?
  3. A female therapist? She and my wife will ‘gang up’ on me.
  4. She’ll see inside my mind. Then try to change me!
  5. I’ll start crying and never stop.
  6. I am so messed up that she’ll put me on drugs.
  7. I’m angry at and don’t believe in God and she’ll try to make me pray.
  8. My boss will find out I’m in therapy and be given a list of my ‘issues.’

In the initial session or at any time tell the therapist your questions and concerns.
To clear up the above concerns here are the answers below.

  1. We’re all a little crazy, and yes, you could be a little like your mother. But you are not your mother and have unique qualities that will balance out the negative. Hopefully.
  2. Strangers see everything from a different perspective and can say the identical words as a husband might state. However, we can agree with a stranger because he does not gloat that he is right!
  3. Therapists are trained to be mediators and focus on issues, not criticizing or belittling individuals.
  4. Nobody can change anybody. Therapists can’t make us do anything. I wish we could!
  5. A box of Kleenex is located next to the client chair. And crying transforms into calmness after the tears subside.
  6. Most emotional and psychological problems do not merit the use of drugs.
  7. Prayer is personally only a choice and request made by the client or offered to the client in a receptive atmosphere.
  8. All therapy is confidential. Even if your employee insurance pays for therapy no reports are written other than general words, such as, ‘Client is participating in therapy.’
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