Betty Wittels

Relationship Design

A few weeks ago it was refreshing to have a college student that I have been seeing for individual therapy request that I meet and do a session with a girlfriend he has known for one week! Could they already have deep, unresolved issues this quickly? I was curious. However, he merely wanted to structure […]

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Weeping in Grief

Kisu, my 20 ½ year-old cat, died today, October 4, 2013. I still feel very sad and relieved for her more than I feel peaceful. But I think that’s because I just said goodbye a few hours ago when we buried her in my back yard. She had a thyroid condition and I tried medicine

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Who is Fritz?

Nobody in my family was thrilled that I wanted to work with the mind. My father was a medical doctor and I was given a stethoscope and a little black bag at age 5. But I did not want to poke people with needles. I preferred to probe the mind. Not until I had been

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