Who is Fritz?

Nobody in my family was thrilled that I wanted to work with the mind. My father was a medical doctor and I was given a stethoscope and a little black bag at age 5. But I did not want to poke people with needles. I preferred to probe the mind. Not until I had been a psychotherapist for over 2 decades did I find out that one of my relatives, Dr. Fritz Wittels, was a psychiatrist who worked with Freud! However, he diverged from Dr. Sigmund Freud’s theories, moved to New York, and wrote several books, one of which is called, “Critique of Love.”

I do believe some of our gifts, talents, and desires, are inherited through our ancestors. Whether it be music, writing, talking, drawing, or math whatever comes easy or we are naturally drawn to, is usually a gift from above, or from across the ancestral years. So I titled this Blog Freud because everybody knows he is the father of psychiatry and Fritz because he, well maybe and most likely, is an influence upon my being and work across space and time.

Betty J Wittels: Licensed Professional Counselor in Tucson, AZ

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