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My location in central Tucson is ideal. My office is near bus stops, and major streets, and is only 5 minutes from the I–10 Freeway. This freeway makes it possible for one traveling from South Tucson (or I-19), or as far north as Marana or Catalina, to attend a session within a half hour’s drive time. My office is accessible from almost any direction within one hour of drive time, whether the client lives as far south as Nogales, Sahuarita, Vail, or even as far north as Catalina or Marana.

Parking is available on the street directly in front of my home. Wrought iron gates surround the home. As you walk through the gates down the walkway to the left you will see the office. For evening appointments, there are dawn-to-dusk floodlights and decorative sconces that light up the flagstone pathway past the home to the office. Signs with my name and stating the word, ‘office’, are in plain sight when one enters the gates and at the office entrance.

My office is a free-standing building adjacent to my home with a separate entrance. The surroundings are absolutely soothing and comfortable. In fine weather, sessions are possible in the backyard near a green gazebo garden and a trickling fountain or under an umbrella at a table with chairs. At any moment, one of my two cats may approach us to offer support or affection.

If the client is allergic or unresponsive towards animals that request will be honored and the animals will not be permitted to enter the office domain.

The office contains both waiting and therapy rooms, and a bathroom. Family members can wait in the lobby area to read books, listen to music, or pursue their own activities while the session occurs. Inside the actual therapy office are comfortable chairs. Within the office, clients are offered a bottle of cold water from the mini-fridge. Kleenex and pens are also available right next to where the client sits.


Tikaani (means ‘wolf’ in Alaskan Inuit). Akita/Husky, she is a certified service dog, loves to be touched, and howls at times. She usually paws for attention or lies upon feet. Tikaani, 14, died December 12, 2018. Her spirit still lives.


Koala is a Persian Lynx Point/Calico mix. She is very timid but ferocious if approached too suddenly. I named her Koala because she looks cuddly and sweet but may claw and bite in a moment’s notice. She instantly adores some clients and even meets those chosen ones at the gate.


Tsukiyo (means ‘moonless night’ in Japanese) is the hunter cat. He lies under the yard’s chaise lounge and stalks bird and lizards. He meows loudly to announce his arrival at the office door. Like all my animals he loves to be touched. Tsukiyo died September 1, 2022. His spirit still lives.


Zebstrika the cat
Zebstrika, named after the Zebra Pokemon character, followed Tsukiyo around the yard one day, then wandered in for gourmet dry food. A stray, he lingered with carry in luggage. Quiet, elegant, 13 pounds of muscle, he moves like a panther. Unknown to me, Tsukiyo, I believe, led Zebstrika home for a reason. (Tsukiyo died two months after bringing Zebstrika home.)

Betty J Wittels: Licensed Professional Counselor in Tucson, AZ

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